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What Does The 1000 Do?

  • The 1000 meets quarterly at Town Hall style meetings where they learn of The One Orangeburg County Initiative’s work plan, progress and findings. They are tasked with validating current strategies, suggesting others and providing much needed support. Guest presenters will provide insight into other accomplishments in Orangeburg County.
  • The 1000 receives periodic email updates from The One Orangeburg County Initiative with the opportunity to provide input.
  • The 1000 has the opportunity to grow the momentum of The One Orangeburg County Initiative by recommending individuals to participate and inviting them to do so.
  • The 1000 stands ready to step into a leadership role in The One Orangeburg County Initiative if called upon.
  • The 1000 helps identify a small representative group of individuals to serve as liaisons to the The One Orangeburg County Initiative leadership team.
  • The 1000 takes on projects that have been identified as important to the progress in Orangeburg County and projects that have been assigned to The 1000 to spearhead.
  • The 1000 advocates on behalf of The One Orangeburg County Initiative and engages the community in the positive aspects of life in our community (continually improving the quality of life and the perception of our county).

Who’s in and who else should be in The 1000?

  • Individuals who inspire others by their vision, passion and concern for their community (including those who no longer live in Orangeburg County, but who are passionate about seeing the county thrive)
  • Young adults, college students and youth who are the future of Orangeburg County
  • Organization leaders in the community

The One Orangeburg County Initiative seeks people of “Character” to make our Vision a reality. We need people like you who care enough to make a positive difference and are willing to commit to ensuring that Orangeburg County becomes a premier place to live, work, learn, shop and play.

The 1000 at Work

The 1000 continues to identify and bring together groups of individuals that can help deliver desired outcomes.  It’s collaboration at work. To that end, common interest need groups are being identified to help us in our mission.  An example of this is ‘Faith in Action’ — the Orangeburg County Community of Character Faith Committee broadening their scope to include the work of One Orangeburg County. Click here for more information about this group.

A ‘Community Vibrancy’ committee is also being considered.  The interest of caring citizens is driving the direction of the grass roots movement.