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The One Orangeburg County Initiative

Goal: By 2021, companies are not only choosing Orangeburg to grow their business, but more of their employees are choosing to live here.

  • Travelers view Orangeburg as an inviting, clean, safe and welcoming destination as indicated by increased hotel and food/beverage revenues.
  • Net in‐migration of 1% of population
  • Orangeburg is perceived as a county on the rise as indicated by state or national media coverage.
  • 2,500 new manufacturing jobs.
  • Collaboration: residents agree that the county is in an era of unprecedented collaboration.



Annual - Crucial Results
  1. Plans and funding secured for monument/gateway sign at Exit 145; construction is underway.
  2. Price quotes have been obtained for placing lighting and signals underground, improved sidewalks, and litter‐free landscaping.
  3. Retailers, restaurants and hotels along Hwy. 601 have bought in to Exit 145 improvements as indicated by participation, input and financial support.
  4. A plan to better connect Exit 145 with Downtown Orangeburg has been developed with clear leaders.
  5. A plan for improved public safety has been developed and quoted.
Five Year - Crucial Results
  1. Exit 145 is improved and beautified with a monument sign.
  2. Highway 601 has been visually improved by lighting and signals underground, pedestrian friendly sidewalks, and litter‐free landscaping and green areas.
  3. Retailers, restaurants and hotels along Hwy. 601 have seen an increase in revenues and traffic.
  4. Downtown Orangeburg has seen an increase in traffic due to a better, more connected Exit 145 and Downtown area.
  5. Travelers and residents view Orangeburg with an improved perception of safety, cleanliness, and hospitality.

Commercial, Housing & Retail Task Force

Annual - Crucial Results
  1. Momentum is building for additional retail establishments.
  2. Local ordinance on alcohol sales have been addressed by elected officials.
  3. Property and business owners along 601 have bought in to Exit 145 improvements as indicated by participation, input and financial support.
  4. An inventory of activities that Orangeburg currently has including festivals, farmers market and others is created to incorporate into a marketing strategy for non‐residents
  5. Increased focus on the housing issue, both multifamily and single‐family, for rent and purchase.
  6. Property owners and developers have
Five Year - Crucial Results
  1. Both travelers and residents view Orangeburg as a regional shopping center of activity.
  2. Sunday alcohol sales are generating additional revenue for merchants.
  3. Retailers, restaurants and hotels along Hwy. 601 have seen an increase in revenues and traffic.
  4. A County‐wide, coordinated marketing strategy is actively attracting non‐resident traffic to Orangeburg.
  5. Orangeburg has seen an increase in available and affordable single and multifamily housing.
  6. Highway 601 has more readily available “plug and play” retail and manufacturing sites prepared for occupancy.

K-16 Education Task Force

Annual - Crucial Results
  1. Assess the needs of existing industry in the County as well as the needs prospective major employers and/or manufacturers are seeking.
  2. Develop a way to get students access to advanced manufacturing field studies, job opportunities, shadow opportunities, etc.
  3. Focus on STEM education in 9‐12 and provide opportunities for high school students to learn about STEM fields and opportunities.
  4. Create a forum to discuss the challenges and obstacles ‐ the “reality” ‐ of the public school system and collect areas of improvement.
  5. Survey parents and residents about their perception of the current state of public education in the County to use as a baseline.
  6. Initial steps to STEM Charter school have been taken, including a conversation around funding, and timeline is established.
Five Year - Crucial Results
  1. Talent is more ready than ever to go to work in the available jobs in the County, indicating that education and industry are aligned.
  2. An emphasis on advanced manufacturing skills (with focus on aerospace and automotive) at the K16 level to better prepare workforce and better attract manufacturers to area.
  3. Increase STEM focus and opportunities in grades 9‐12, which will increase the number of students entering the workforce or post‐secondary in STEM fields.
  4. Assess the reality of the K12 situation in the County and tackle the major obstacles that hinder progress and negatively impact reputation.
  5. Perception of Orangeburg County Public Schools has improved among residents and nonresidents.
  6. A Charter school is established with a focus on STEM, in conjunction with OCTech.

Marketing & Communications Task Force

Annual - Crucial Results
  1. Existing amenities and attractions have increased emphasis in current marketing efforts.
  2. Communication to residents is improved and a clear communication strategy is in place.
  3. More positive news stories coming out of the County, such as Regional Medical Center, are picked up by local, state, regional media.
  4. Public education (K‐12) success stories are being collected and catalogued to use in marketing efforts.
  5. Research completed for rebranding effort for the County; initial concepts underway.
Five Year - Crucial Results
  1. More tourists and non‐residents are coming to Orangeburg to enjoy the unique amenities found in the County.
  2. The internal (resident) perception of Orangeburg is more positive than ever as indicated by 2015 v. 2021 research.
  3. The external (non‐resident) perception of Orangeburg County is more positive than ever as indicated by 2015 v. 2021 research.
  4. The perception of public education (K‐12) has improved by both residents and non‐residents, and has led to more families choosing to live in the County.
  5. All‐new marketing strategy and campaign for the County is in place, helping attract tourism, boost in‐migration and bring new employers to the area.

One Orangeburg County – Executive Committee

NameCompanyJob Title
Drexel BallClaflin UniversityVP Administration
Mayor Michael ButlerCity of OrangeburgMayor
Bill ClarkOrangeburg Consolidated School Dist. #5Public Relations Director
James E. ClarkSC StatePresident
Evelyn DisherOrangeburg County Community of CharacterExecutive Director
Randy EttersDPUKey Accounts Manager
Warren HarleyDepartment of Public UtilitiesInterim Manager
Teresa HatchellTri-County Regional Chamber of CommerceExecutive Director
Barry HoodHoliday Inn & Suites; Courtesy ManagementManager; VP
Cathy HughesThe Times and DemocratPublisher
Melinda JacksonChamberPresident
Bob JenningsZeus Industrial Products, Inc.PC Partnership President
Mayor William JohnsonTown of Holly HillMayor
Jimmy JonesJimmy Jones ToyotaOwner
Ken MiddletonOrangeburg County Development CommissionChairman
Marion MooreCentury 21/The Moore GroupPresident
Hema PatelCourtesy ManagementOwner
Leroy RavenellOrangeburg county Sheriff's OfficeSheriff
Johnny RavenellDist. #2Orangeburg County Council
Jeanna ReynoldsMajor Graphics
Josh RidleyChamberPast Chair
Candice RobersonDORAExecutive Director
Gregg RobinsonOrangeburg County Development CommissionExecutive Director
Dr. Walt TobinOrangeburg-Calhoun Technical College President
Joey WilliamsonOrangeburg County Development CommissionBoard Member
Johnnie Wright Sr.Dist. #1, County of OrangeburgOrangeburg County Council Chairman
Harold YoungCounty of OrangeburgCounty Administrator
John YowCity of OrangeburgCity Administrator